Lawn Care

We Know Your Lawn Care Needs

Have you ever had that lawn care company come out and give you a quote that sounded to good to be true and then the next thing you know you are stuck with a sub par service who doesn’t mow even or edge straight? We’ve met with a lot of these customers and we know what it means to give you exactly what you want when it comes to a professional lawn care provider. When we give you a quote it is for exactly what you asked for and we will do everything we can to make sure you get what you pay for. Our full service offering inlcudes everything following.


We will cut your lawn evenly and cleanly leaving no grass clippings or debris in our wake. We train our team to give you the highest quality cut so that each and every time we come out you will see the exact same results. The key to healthy grass and an even lawn is sharpened mower blades, we keep ours sharp so that the yard stays healthy and green.

Lawn Mowing


When it comes to trimming you have two types of companies, those that want to do it fast and those that want to do it right. When we trim your lawn we make sure that all of our lines are straight and exact without tearing up your belongings (play houses, furniture etc.). We have seen houses where expensive wooden play sets were almost chopped down just by the weed whacker. We won’t do this and we will shame anyone who does. Rest assured that after you see our straight lines you will never go any where else.

Weed Trimming

Shrub Clipping

Shrub clipping sounds pretty easy but at CLC Services Lawn Care we don’t do easy. When it comes to shrubs your main concern should be the health of the shrub. We check the shrubs every week to make sure there are no parasites or dead areas of the shrub. If we find any of this we will cut out the bad sections so that a new healthy section can return in it’s place. It may sound tedious but we love what we do and wouldn’t do it any other way.

Shrub Clipping


No matter how hard you try weeds are just a fact of life. Every week we will go through your flower beds and around the yard and pull any weeds that need it. We will also make sure to spray a weed killer so that they don’t come back in the future. Don’t worry we know your grass is important so our weed killer won’t take your grass with it.


Tree Trimming Under Seven Feet

Have you had small trees that need trimmed and you “Full Service” lawn care doesn’t cover it? Here at CLC Services Lawn Care we take care of all trees under seven feet as part of our full service lawn care program. We know that other people will charge you for tree service for these trees and that’s just not right. We will make sure your small trees are looking like the day they were planted, including palms just for having full service lawn care by us.

Tree Trimming Under Seven Feet

Basic Service

Not looking for all of the bells and whistles and like to get out there and do some of it yourself? No problem at all, here at CLC Services Lawn Care we will do basic service which includes mowing, grass trimming and blowing away debris. We know some people like to get out there and do some things there-self and that’s OK but if you ever want to switch to full service lawn care we are just a phone call, text or email away.